Harry Shotta’s Latest Track ‘Virtual Insanity’ Goes for a VR Tech Vibe

A couple of years ago when consumer virtual reality (VR) was still in its infancy there seemed to be a wave of interest from musicians and other artists to create 360-degree videos, testing out what the new technology could achieve. That’s diminished somewhat, with the rise of platforms such as TheWaveVR which allow artists to perform live in VR. Thankfully, there is still the odd occasion where a musician embraces VR and 360 tech, the latest being British rapper Harry Shotta.

Harry Shotta

Drum & Bass star Harry Shotta has teamed up with indie creative agency Monkey Science, which specialises in 360-degree and VR work, to create the music video for his latest track ‘Virtual Insanity’.

The track focuses on the current and future use or media and technology, looking a subjects like social media and its influence, and of course VR. Shotta asks poignant questions about the technological road society has been heading down, and how the effects can be both good and bad.

So naturally, with the lyrics tackling those issues the music video had to compliment in its own unique way, which is why certain sections use 360 footage while the middle of the video contains Unity rendered CGI sequences for that bold, sci-fi effect, with Shotta looming large over a neon cityscape.

Harry Shotta

Check out the full music video below, which you can explore using a mouse or keyboard arrow controls. VRFocus does advise watching ‘Virtual Insanity’ on a proper VR headset if you have one for the best effect.

Head on over to the Monkey Science landing page for ‘Virtual Insanity’ which contains links to behind-the-scenes and making of videos. For further VR music video updates, keep reading VRFocus.