Get Some VR Excitement in Your Life With Forklift Simulator 2019

You know the problem. It’s Friday night and you’re wondering what to do, go out or have a lazy night in watching Netflix. Even better, grab the virtual reality (VR) headset for some immersive gaming and sod the world. But what to choose, an epic adventure in a fantasy universe, igniting that grey matter with a good puzzle title, or how about a classic first-person shooter (FPS) full of action. If that all sounds a bit much, then there’s always Blind Squirrel Entertainment’s latest, Forklift Simulator 2019.

Forklift Simulator 2019

Of course, Forklift Simulator 2019 is more of a training/educational app than it is a piece of entertainment software – unless you love forklifts – dropping you into the seat of a realistic vehicle to complete more than 40 challenges.

The Early Access title actually launched towards the end of November but developer Blind Squirrel Entertainment has just released a new update expanding controller support. Previously only accepting gamepads or keyboard/mouse combinations, Forklift Simulator 2019 has now integrated HTC Vive’s motion controls, with the entire layout now found in the controls menu.

The team also plan on adding wheel support, which should be coming in the next update. “In addition to wheel support, next week we are planning to introduce the side stance reach truck and it’s associated training challenges. If things go really well, we might also have the first pass of localization complete,” notes the developer.

Forklift Simulator 2019

Forklift Simulator 2019 is available now for £14.99 GBP. Blind Squirrel Entertainment plans on keeping the experience in Early Access for 9 – 12 months. For the latest VR news, keep reading VRFocus.