Cross Platform Multiplayer Shooter Slightly Heroes is Out Now

Indie developer Hatrabbit Entertainment seem to enjoy some virtual reality (VR) fun at Christmas, launching its debut title Merry Snowballs in 2017. Continuing that trend, the studio has now released its second VR experience, a light-hearted, Pixar-inspired first-person shooter (FPS) called Slightly Heroes.

Slightly Heroes

Slightly Heroes is a casual 1vs1 shooter that’s been designed to be as accessible as possible, featuring free locomotion no matter which platform you’re using. Hatrabbit Entertainment has ensured headset support is extensive, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Windows Mixed Reality and the Lenovo Mirage Solo are all compatible.

The idea of Slightly Heroes is that you take the role of part-time heroes and villains like Captain Lawsuit, Agent Meow, and Judge Greg, brandishing what looks like a paintball gun to dispatch opponents. That’s not all, as players can find special weapons and power-ups to make the fight that bit more interesting.

“We see Slightly Heroes as the Mario Kart for a shooter audience. It’s easy to jump in and play but there’s also plenty of satisfaction for the more hardcore gamers”, says co-founder Andreas Chryssovitsanos in a statement. “The mobile VR space is really missing out on great multiplayer games where you can move around naturally instead of teleporting. Now even the most sensitive players can enjoy free movement action on all platforms”.

As with any VR multiplayer, there’s always that nagging issue regarding trying to find online opponents. Well, the studio has thought of that, adding a solo mode featuring AI opponents for players to practice against ahead of an online battle.

Slightly Heroes isn’t listed on Oculus Store just yet, but it is available via Steam with a limited time discount. Until 18th December there’s 20 percent off, dropping the cost from £7.19 to £5.75 GBP. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Hatrabbit Entertainment, reporting back with any further updates.