Awesome Sci-Fi Puzzle Adventure Red Matter Confirmed for PlayStation VR

After launching its debut title Daedalus, a surreal puzzle experience for Samsung Gear VR in 2017, Spanish developer Vertical Robot followed that up with a much grander adventure Red Matter for Oculus Rift earlier this year. Now, the studio has revealed it’ll be porting the title to PlayStation VR this week.

Making the announcement via it’s Twitter account Vertical Robot has confirmed that Red Matter will come to European PlayStation VR customers this Thursday, 6th December. A North American release is also on the cards but a specific date hasn’t been set just yet.

Red Matter is a narrative-driven puzzle experience set in an alternate future where an ongoing cold war ensues between two superpowers: the Atlantic Union and the People’s Republic of Volgravia. You play Agent Epsilon, an astronaut from the Atlantic Union dispatched to an abandoned base on Rhea, one of Saturn’s moons. Your mission is to recover top-secret information concerning research carried out by members of the People’s Republic of Volgravia.

While the videogame isn’t a full-blown horror experience it keeps the atmosphere tense and foreboding with you being the only person wandering around the base. Keeping with Vertical Robot’s penchant for the unusual, Red Matter dables in surreal and weird moments as you complete puzzles and unlock more of the story.

In VRFocus’ four-star review of Red Matter we found that: “All in all, Red Matter is a very high calibre VR experience, neatly weaving its story and puzzle elements together. It by no means perfect, following the line of other puzzles in VR that are seemingly unable to offer plenty of reasons to come back for more. So like a good meal take it slowly and savour the moment.”

With the PlayStation VR version only a few days away from launch, last month Vertical Robot expanded PC support to HTC VIve and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, making the title available through Steam. For any further updates on Red Matter, keep reading VRFocus.