VR Puzzle Shooter The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem Heading to PlayStation VR in 2019

Netherlands-based indie developer Sindria VR Games Studio has announced that it’ll be publicly releasing its comedy sci-fi shooter, The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem will be coming to PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in 2019.


Mixing both puzzle and first-person shooter (FPS) elements The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem puts you as part of a team of alien invaders looking to take over planet earth. Assumed that earthlings are simple creatures, the aliens decide to release just you onto the planet, who just so happens to have the fun title of ‘Murder Clone’.

The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem seems to be a series of shooting mini-games where players will find themselves up against waves of enemies, massive boss encounters, shooting gallery sections, mine cart rides and more. You’ll also have an arsenal of alien weaponry to choose from, although it’s unclear if they’re usable across all levels.

The aliens won’t be attacking in one era either, so certain levels will take place in the wild west, ancient Egyptian times and of course some nice sci-fi space settings.


While The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem is still a way off from releasing is already receiving accolades. Sindria VR Games Studio has revealed that its videogame has been awarded as one of three Best VR Game in the Barcelona Games World Games Startup Competition.

As The Mofflys: Invasion Mayhem nears release and further details are announced VRFocus will keep you updated.