US-Based Shopping Concierge Helping UK Customers Buy Samsung Odyssey+ Headset

Last month Samsung announced that it was releasing a new and updated version of its Samsung Odyssey mixed reality (MR) headset, which was titled the Samsung Odyssey+. There device was announced for North America, but there was no sign of its availability in Europe. As a result, customers in UK and Europe are turning to internet services in an effort to get hold of the device.

Big Apple Buddy, a shopping concierge service based in New York has been helping customers in the UK get their hands on the Samsung Odyssey+, as well as many other gadgets that are only available for purchase in the USA.

Big Apple Buddy says it offers a unique shopping experience for early adopters in the UK. The concierge service has a new shopping platform which allows international consumers to visit the company’s website and place an order. The experts from Big apple Buddy will then take care of everything else.

The Samsung Odyssey+ has a number of improved features compared to the original version. It uses a new type of display technology which uses dual 3.5” AMOLED displays, for a combined resolution of 1,440 x 1,600 per eye. This is also combined with new techniques to reduce the ‘screen door effect’.

Other new features for the Samsung Odyssey+ include more comfort and customisation options, such as the ability to change the Pupillary Distance (IPD) using a wheel. There is also special facial padding that helps prevent fogging. AKG audio technology has been used for clear 360-degree sound.

Big Apple Buddy states that its service is dedicated to providing a seamless and personalised shopping experience for all its users. This includes sourcing the items as swiftly as possible, checking and re-packing the goods upon arrival and preparing all the necessary customs documentation.

The Samsung Odyssey+ is priced at $499 (USD). Information on how to buy the device from Big Apple Buddy can be found on the website. For future coverage on VR and MR hardware, keep checking back with VRFocus.