Tetris Gets the 3D Treatment With PolyCube

One of the biggest videogames to launch this month will be Tetris Effect in a few days’ time. While PlayStation VR users will be looking forward to the release thanks to an exclusive deal with Enhance Games, PC-based virtual reality (VR) gamers will have to look elsewhere for their classic puzzle fix. In light of that, indie developer Company_Name_Goes_Here – and yes that really is their name – has revealed its 3D block stacking title PolyCube will be arriving next week with support for VR headsets.

PolyCube VRPolyCube takes the challenge of block stacking and point scoring up a notch by creating a fully realised 3D space which players can spin freely. The aim is still to complete layers of blocks to score points, with multiple layers adding additional multipliers to the final tally.

The increased difficulty comes from the fact that you need to keep an eye on all four sides of the stack, looking for the optimal placement for each shape whilst trying not to increase the height of the stack so much that it becomes impossible to manage.

The blocks themselves can be moved and spun in any direction you so please, but time is of the essence, and wasting too much of it could see the block drop and ruin a score or further block placement.

“I wanted to make a new take on classic block-stacking puzzle games, and to bring that kind of game to VR,” said developer Russell Weed. “I also wanted to provide a more casual experience for VR players, where they could really use roomscale movement to their benefit while playing the game.

PolyCube VR

Alongside the normal single-player campaign PolyCube also features custom game modes for players to mix things up, further increasing the challenge. Plus there are online leaderboards for the ultimate highscore accolades.

While PolyCube does include support for motion controllers like Oculus Touch the studio does in fact recommend a normal gamepad for an optimal experience.

Originally release via Early Access in February, PolyCube will see a full launch on 17th November 2018, retailing for $7.99 USD. The optional VR support will be for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Check out the trailer below to see PolyCube in action ahead of release. And for any further updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.