Procedurally Generated Bow FPS In Death Dated for PlayStation VR Release

Having left Early Access on PC in October, developer Solfar Studios has announced that the PlayStation VR version of In Death isn’t too far away, with a release due by the end of the month.

In Death

For those players after a challenge, In Death is an unforgiving first-person shooter (FPS) set in the afterlife, where you have to battle demons and angels alike. A dungeon crawler that’s procedurally-generated, no run through is ever the same with enemies randomly generating and no save points to help you.

Solfar Studios has gone for a perma-death system alongside a finely-tuned progression system. So when you die – no matter how far you got – you’ll respawn right at the start. Luckily any progress made in terms of the number of enemies killed or bonuses achieved will be added to your character, improving stats such as health and damage. Of course, there is a flip side. Enemies will also improve just to make sure it’s not a walk in the park.

At its core In Death is a pure bow and arrow shooter, with the weapon not only being your main defence but also the movement mechanic. You can quickly switch between normal and teleportation arrows, whilst also having the option to throw teleporting shards when cornered. You’ll be able to upgrade the arrows to deal fire and freezing damage, plus there’s the ability to unlock a crossbow which is better at close range.

VRFocus gave the PC version a four-star review, saying that: “In Death is a VR videogame for those that want a challenge. The level design and weapon handling are beautiful with soaring angelic structures emanating from the clouds, pin point accuracy for satisfying headshots. The devil seems to be in the details with In Death, offering rinse and repeat gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.”

In Death will launch on 27th November priced at $29.99 USD ($39.99 CAD). PlayStation Plus members will be able to get 20 percent off during launch week. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.