Nothing Half-Baked About Zombie Donuts Update

Canadian developer Virtro have announced an update for candy apocalypse shooter Zombie Donuts.

Earlier this year, Vancouver-based developer Virtro released its sugary twist on the zombie shooter, Zombie Donuts, on to the Samsung Gear VR. The company has now announced an update for the title as part of the Halloween celebrations.

Though Halloween is technically over, some people just don’t want to let the spooky season go. For those people there is a host of new content now available for Zombie Donuts players.

Two new characters are being introduced, the piratical Long John Zombie and mini-donut Zom-bit. The Candy Apocalypse environment has been updated, as has the Tutorial mode. The levels have been re-balanced to make things fairer for players.

There are also new animation sequences added, including the donuts dancing Michael Jackson’s famous ‘Thriller’ moves. The soundtrack has seen an update, which the developers say now sounds spookier with more zombie groans.

The developers have listened to players and have introduced new systems to improve the feedback players get when hitting a target.

“I won’t sugar-coat it,” says Faye Maidment, Marketer at Virtro, “These donuts will run rings around you. You’ll need your wits about you to pummel all that pastry.”

Zombie Donuts is not only a great experience for a first-timer in VR, it’s also highly competitive,” says Jordan Brighton CEO and CTO, “With the donuts spawning all over the Candyland, it’s even more challenging to blast all of the dastardly donuts, especially the tiny Zom-bit.”

Virtro is based in Vancouver, Canada and founded by Australian developers Jordan and Lee Brighton with the aim of creating VR titles that anyone can enjoy, using their own blend of videogame mechanics, storytelling and art design.

Zombie Donuts is now available on Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream. For future coverage on Zombie Donuts and other new, updated and upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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