New Marvel Powers United VR Patch Expands Gameplay Further

Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios’ Marvel Powers United VR didn’t get a warm reception when it arrived during the summer for Oculus Rift, mainly due to the narrow gameplay objectives. Since then the studios have endeavoured to improve this aspect of the videogame alongside additional improvements. October saw Patch 2 arrive with some big additions, while this month has now had Patch 3 drop.

Marvel Powers United VR

Patch 3 isn’t quite as expansive as the previous update but it still adds a new – and all important – objective phase, ‘Planetary Assault’. “A.I.M. Frigates are preparing their weapons array for a planetary strike. Work as a team and activate the powerful S.H.I.E.L.D. cannons teleported in by Lockjaw and take out the frigates before they fire,” the description states.

Players will find Planetary Assault appearing randomly on any map they happen to be playing.

Additionally, other improvements include:

• Improved Boss behaviour of Ultimate timing.

• Character tuning and ad hoc fixes.

• Tuning to Signal Jammer objective.

• UI fixes and improvements incorporating Signal Jammer and Planetary Assault objectives.

• Continued bug fixing and ad hoc improvements

Just as before Sanzaru Games has detailed what will be coming in the fourth patch, which adds another objective phase and enemy characters.


• A new objective phase added to the mix and can appear on any map.

• Work together to locate and deactivate deployed A.I.M. Nukes. Each device must be carefully deactivated by using the displayed sequenced array. One false move and BOOM – your team fails the mission! There may be multiple devices active at one time so move quickly.


• A new enemy type that collects battle data for A.I.M. and the Masters of Evil. Track down and eliminate this unit before they transmit vital intel to the Super Villains. Eliminating the unit will grant the team a beneficial (but temporary) buff and reward players with bonus points to help capture that top score!


• Ongoing bug fixing and ad hoc improvements.

• Continued Boss and enemy tuning.

• Continued wave and enemy configurations.

• Continued improvements to VOIP and matchmaking functionality.

There’s no date for the rollout of Patch 4 but the studio may continue with this regular monthly release, so sometime in December is expected. When details arrive VRFocus will let you know.