Life In 360°: A Viking Spin Doctor’s Lie

Speaking as a resident of the Northern Hemisphere, and in particular that big lumpy bit in the water to the north of France, I can most definitely say that the weather is in full on winter mode.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoChristmas is most definitely coming. The signs are clear – and I don’t mean the ones that have been lurking in shop windows since long before Halloween. More the sort of signs you get when you open the front door and you feel THAT kind of wind. The sort of thin feeling chill that brings goosebumps to your arms in just a certain way. Enough to make you know change is afoot.

Since it is approaching that time of year, let’s visit a country highly associated with a certain present giving gentleman in red and white. We’re off to Greenland, the home* of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick to take in some of the fantastic sights that you can see from the air.

(* And yes, I know there’s debate over where he lives but little girls and boys should just ignore that argument, we’re a tech website for goodness sake…)

We’re going their courtesy of AirPano. A team we’ve not checked in with for some time here on Life In 360°.  We’re off to see some of the colder parts of the country, as they’ll explain:

“About 80% of the territory is covered by ice. Such large amounts of ice forced the lithosphere to sink, forming the terrain of Greenland. All the 250 kilometers of the coast are carved with deep and long fjords. Often they are blocked with huge icebergs.”

Check out the video below to find out how Greenland got its name – purely for ancient public relations. VRFocus will be back soon with another Li360.