Indie Studio Monochrome to Release FPS Singularity5 in December

A French indie studio which usually specialises in real-time virtual reality (VR) experiences for premium brands in the art, luxury and architecture sectors, Monochrome, has announced its first major immersive videogame project, a first-person shooter (FPS) called Singularity5.

Singularity N°5

Having created a smaller title called Papertales for Samsung Gear VR back in 2016, Monochrome has now set its sights on a far more expansive and richly detailed experience for Oculus Rift. Set in a dystopian future, Singularity5 puts you on a mission to stop a rogue AI destroying humanity.

The story goes: “The action takes place in Paris, the year 05 of singularity. In the 00s,  the Internet has abolished the frontiers of information circulation. In the late 20s, each of the megacities in the world rule a specific sector: Economy, Energy, Resources, Science, Recreation and Art. Paris is now the worldwide neuralgic centre of creativity, fashion and luxury. They are all connected and managed by Moore, the super AI program born from the merging of GAFA and the world’s leading business groups. Moore became totally autonomous in 2068, the year 01 of Singularity.

“Moore is represented in every city as a Deified and Feminized Totem, a giant goddess statue containing a digital neuronal network. It operates all the robots – The Artificials (dressmakers, architects, drones…) – to serve humans. In Paris, the Totem was built in a highly symbolic place: just in front of the Eiffel Tower. The entire architecture of the city has been redesigned over the years through an effective collaboration between humans and Artificials, led by Moore.

“The first minor phenomena of dysfunction were observed at the beginning of year 05 of the Singularity. Moore’s first updates were effective, but the situation quickly escalated as Moore’s access was simply forbidden … by his own doing. Defying the three laws of robotics, Moore organizes the Great Revolution. Artificials gradually invade the city, eliminating humans one by one.”

Singularity N°5

Singularity5 looks to be a highly stylized shooter, with the game set across five levels, and very impressive looking visuals. There will be five enemy types to fight such as the Arachnoïds and Drones, whilst the weaponry will consist of submachines guns, laser pistols and grenades. Plus there will be several vehicles on offer.

Monochrome plan on launching Singularity5 in mid-December for Oculus Rift. VRFocus will bring you an in-depth look in the near future.