Echoes VR Begins its Kickstarter Campaign

Last week VRFocus reported on indie team Rogue Titan Games preparing to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its underground survival experience Echoes VR. That campaign has now gone live with funding already well on its way towards the goal.

Echoes VR

The videogame itself is an action-oriented survival experience set in the year 2066. Life on Earth’s surface has slowly withered away, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. Due to the fact, nothing grows and therefore resources are fought over, surviving countries formed The Government which created the Kore Garden project to ensure the survival of the planet. Years have passed and the project was a failure, so humanity then began seeking refuge below the surface.

Players find themselves part of a rival faction to The Government called The Ghena, who are looking beneath the waves for an answer to the problems on the surface. As a member of one of these expeditions, you become separated from your crew and must navigate the underground caverns and flooded passageways to survive and complete the mission. But there’s another world under the surface, one not so easily prepared for.

You’ll need to explore caverns filled with roaming hostiles and passageways that are completely underwater. Ammunition will be scarce so choosing whether to fight or sneak is just as important as finding other resources to stay alive. Rogue Titan Games will also ensure players are rewarded for exploration, with secrets hidden within the deepest recesses of this submerged world.

Echoes VR

Echoes VR is going for the all or nothing approach to crowdfunding, hoping to raise £7,819 GBP/€8,820 EUR by 27th December. The campaign has already achieved £1,939 with 28 days to go. While the goal isn’t necessarily that large, it is the Christmas period which may prove to be tougher than other times of the year. Funding tiers to bag yourself a copy of the videogame start from €16 (£14) for the Early Birds, with €20 being the standard tier once they run out.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Echoes VR, reporting back with any further updates.