Blizzard Rumoured to be Developing a Warcraft version of Pokémon Go

Up to now the closest Blizzard has come to developing anything virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) related was during Gamescom this year with an AR guided tour of its stand where guests could also win prizes. However, thanks to the popularity of videogames like Pokémon Go, the company is reportedly working on a Warcraft version.

World of Warcraft poster

Mobile gaming is very popular among the developers at Blizzard Entertainment’s HQ reports Kotaku, with Pokémon Go a particular favourite – an orc statue in the campus just so happens to be a Pokémon Gym.

So from there it seems like they decided that World of Warcraft would make for a great fit as an AR title, running around battling orcs and other fantasy creatures in your local park. Currently being created by an incubation team at the company, the title is in production thanks to lead designer Cory Stockton being a fan of Pokémon Go.

While there are no images or an official title just yet for this Warcraft AR experience, it will expand upon the gameplay characteristics of Pokémon Go, with those that have played it saying there’s: ‘a lot more to it’, especially when it comes to single-player.

Such is the AR gaming space as it is now, Warcraft would need to do much more than Pokémon Go to make a mark, even with its legions of loyal fans. Pokémon Go has managed to keep going thanks to its brand being massively popular the world over, yet it doesn’t offer the same gameplay variety as newer rivals like The Walking Dead: Our World or Ghostbusters World. 

The core gameplay of getting people out and about in their local community to hunt digital characters might be the same, but they now offer more choice, especially Ghostbusters World which features a single-player story mode with turn-based fighting. If Blizzard does follow an AR route it’ll likely be closer to these than Pokémon Go. When further details are available, VRFocus will let you know.