Beat Saber Gets Harder and Flashier With Expert+ Mode and new Sabers

While PlayStation VR players have been enjoying the recently released Beat Saber with its own custom songs, PC virtual reality (VR) users have been feeling a little left out, with the last update from Beat Games coming in August. Well, today the studio has released further improvements to the title, but there are still no new official songs.

Beat Saber Screenshot

In the Beat Saber v0.12.0 update, the big addition is the inclusion of an Expert+ mode, increasing the difficulty of all the songs. And for those highscore achievers out there a bunch of new modifiers have been included to spice up the gameplay.

As for the other additions here’s a brief rundown of the changelog:

  • New fancy sabers.
  • ‘Practice mode’ – you can start at any time of the song and also set it’s speed.
  • Added options to swap sabers, to turn off in-game HUD, to turn off SFX and to reduce note cut debris.
  • New in-game UI for song progress, relative score, immediate rank and Full Combo indicator.
  • New UI style in menus.
  • Added full credits.
  • Lights and rendering optimizations.
  • Improved performance across the gameplay.
  • Basically tons of new stuff and optimizations…

Beat Saber Screenshot

While this may further improve Beat Saber – the studio states that it: “will allow us to update game much more frequently” – what fans have really been clamouring for is more official songs. Over the last few months since its PC launch Beat Saber has seen a large and dedicated modding community arise, helping expand the very small selection of songs available.

This has worked to Beat Games’ advantage as the studio worked on the PlayStation VR version, yet every time the developer released an update it would break the mod, meaning re-installation – today’s update has likely done the same thing.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Beat Saber, reporting back on all of its updates.