Arcade Shooter Gungrave VR to Get Earlier PlayStation VR Release in EU and Australia

Last week VRFocus reported on Gungrave VR finally getting a launch date on PlayStation VR. That was for the North American version with no mention about whether others territories would be included. Today, that’s now changed, with VRFocus able to report that both Europe and Australia will be getting Gungrave VR on the same day, several days earlier than the US.

Gungrave VR

While Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N will be launching in North America on 11th December, Europe and Australia will get the videogames on 7th December instead, confirms publisher Marvelous Europe.

The standard Gungrave VR version will be available digitally via PlayStation Store, while Gungrave VR: Loaded Coffin Edition – which includes Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N – will be available the same day in digital and physical form just in Europe.

In Gungrave VR, players take control of undead assassin Beyond the Grave with his iconic pair of massive handguns, Cerberus. With levels containing a mixture of free-roaming third-person gameplay and first-person fixed or on-rails sections, Gungrave VR is all about mixing up the different gameplay options for maximum effect. Players will find Grave has an array of shooting attacks, close-range strikes using Grave’s coffin, Bullet Time, and more.

Gungrave VR will feature six levels of intense action while Gungrave VR U.N introduces three new levels, new side-scrolling and sliding gameplay, and opening and ending animated movies. The videogame is launching with Japanese and English voice options and features designs from original character designer Yasuhiro Nightow.

VRFocus got hands-on with Gungrave VR at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) finding that while certain sections worked ok, the implementation of VR as a whole wasn’t as good as hoped. With the title nearing release, VRFocus will wait and see what the final version is like and give you a verdict.