AR Horror Attraction Comes to UK

By now it is fairly well established that horror tends to work extremely well with virtual reality (VR). Indeed, there have been a number of VR experiences, videogames and location-based attractions that take advantage of this. So far the use of horror with augmented reality (AR) has not been thoroughly explored, something which Red Frog Digital are trying to change with Zombie HoloMaze.

AR content developer Red Frog Digital have devised an AR horror attraction that involves visitors donning an AR headset in order to battle against, and ultimately attempt to escape from, a zombie horde.

The AR experience has been devised as a mix between horror scare maze and escape room. Visitors wear an AR headset that not only comes with Ar glasses, but also a head-mounted weapon. Players are given a time limit, in which they need to explore the maze and find a secret antidote. Failure to find the antidote means they are doomed to become one of the zombies they are trying to escape.

Obstacles in the way include hidden trap doors, zombie dogs, blockades and a variety of undead creatures. The attraction had its initial debut at the PrimEvil scare attraction event, which took place in Norwich, UK.

“With augmented reality at the forefront of technology, we thought it be amazing to add an extra layer to human actors from traditional scare mazes with incredibly detailed 3D holograms,” James Loveridge, commercial director at Red Frog Digital, explained. “Our HoloMaze effectively transports guests inside of a video game, blurring the lines between real and virtual terror.”

Red Frog say the concept was developed after it had some initial success at VRLA, an event which is described as one of the biggest immersive technology events in the world. The company says the small footprint of the attraction means it is suitable for a large number of locations.

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