Aerial Shooter Skyfront VR Will Leave Early Access in December

Having initially launched via Steam Early Access just over a year ago, multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) Skyfront VR is now ready to be fully released developer LevityPlay has now confirmed. 


The action takes place purely in the air, with players able swoop around futuristic landscapes using thrusters and grappling hooks to defeat opponents using an array of weaponry.

Skyfront VR features four zero-gravity arenas, three game modes including team and solo deathmatches, weapons such as pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. Players will also have access to special abilities – six in total – to aid them in battle.

“It’s been an intense and exhilarating year! Being in Early Access has taught us so much about our players and what people expect from VR. For the most part that is quality content and more than just an hour or few of fun in the game. We really think Skyfront can deliver that!,” explains Kaaren Kaer, Game Lead at Skyfront VR in a statement.


The full version of the title will also add two new features, a progression system and customisation options. These will allow players to customise their character assets and see proper character progression the more they play.

And for the first time, Skyfront VR will be available to purchase on more than one platform, coming to Oculus Store and Viveport alongside Steam.

“Cross-platform gameplay means that we will be merging three amazing communities [Viveport, Steam, Oculus store], giving the players access to this great new content. Steam players will also have free hands in creating the arenas they’ve always dreamed of with the help of Steam Workshop. As far as future plans go, we intend to keep adding new content – whether that be more arenas, customisation options or weapons and abilities – every four months or so,” promises Kaaren.

Skyfront VR will be available on all three stores from 20th December 2018. Check out the new gameplay trailer below, and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.