Action-RPG VR Hero Sentry Prepares for Battle Tomorrow

Role-playing games (RPGs) can offer a wealth of gameplay features and mechanics, allowing players to really develop an in-game character and make it their own. Tomorrow, Refocus Solutions will be releasing its first virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, action-RPG VR Hero Sentry.

VR Hero Sentry

Mixing a traditional RPG combat system with real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay, players choose their hero – whether that’s a hunter specialising in Fire or Frost, or a wizard choosing between the arcane powers or Necromancy – before shaping them in combat by earning experience and allocating spell points. These will help focuses the characters abilities even further, tweaking variables such as health, mana, regeneration, spell power and attack damage.

In addition to their own stats, players will be able to buy mythical armour and weapons, to further increase their effectiveness in battle as well as mercenaries and ranged companions to aid in battle. Spend with caution, purchases affect the game style, and one wrong decision may mean the end.

VR Hero Sentry isn’t solely about a single solitary hero. As players progress they can upgrade a heroic beast or train an army to defend their location as hordes of enemies attack from the ground and air. Adding to the difficulty, players will need to deal with gigantic bosses

VR Hero Sentry

VR Hero Sentry will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th November via Steam for HTC Vive. Check out the trailer for VR Hero Sentry below, and for any further updates from Refocus Solutions keep reading VRFocus.