Zero Caliber VR’s Early Access Release Hits Next Month

Not to be confused with the other military style shooter Zero Killed coming this winter, XREAL Games’ Zero Caliber VR is now supposedly due to hit Steam Early Access next month. Those who like the look of the title will be able to download a demo version in the next few weeks.

Zero Caliber

With a story set in the usual dystopian future where everything has gone to hell, and war is the norm, Zero Caliber VR features a campaign that allows for both single-player and multiplayer co-op. For the Early Access release XREAL Games will have the core mechanics laid down, so for instance the physics based interactions, customisable weapons and their various attachments plus the first half of the storyline.

For the full launch in early 2019 Zero Caliber VR will see the second half of the story, an increase in the available weapons plus dedicated co-op missions which are shorter in scope.

As for the demo, the studio have been planning on releasing it for several months, VRFocus first reported on it happening back in July with a planned released due to take place in August. That was then pushed back until September with the team now confirming a 25th October arrival.

Zero Caliber

Realism is key in Zero Caliber’s design, extending from its gameplay through to the weapons, with players having to find cover, duck, crouch, sneak, peek around a corner, and clear obstacles with real-life movements rather than going in Rambo style. All the weapons have been modelled on their real-life counterparts, each having its own unique reloading method as well as customisation options to make them even more lethal.

Zero Caliber VR will hit Early Access on 9th November, 2018, both on Steam, the Oculus Store and Viveport. In the Oculus Store, there will be a pre-purchase period offering a 15 percent discount starting on 25th October. For any further updates to Zero Caliber VR, keep reading VRFocus.