Wands Fires On To Xiaomi Mi VR

In early 2018, Chinese technology company Xiaomi announced that it was working with Oculus to produce a version of the Oculus Go standalone virtual reality (VR) headset for the Chinese market, called the Xiaomi Mi VR. Now Cortopia Studios have announced that it is bringing its popular magic duelling VR title Wands to the Xiaomi Mi VR.

Wands is a first-person VR experience that casts players as a powerful magic users who needs to battle against other magic users in arena battles. In order to be victorious, players need to get the measure of the arena and pick up items which can unlock powerful spells which can provide an edge in combat.

Wands was designed to be a multiplayer social-oriented PvP experience that lets players take part in magic duels, which other players can watch using the built-in spectator mode. As players progress, more powerful spells can be obtained, and users can also take advantage of the dynamic environments.

The title has been previously released on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo Mirage Solo and Google Daydream as well as the Oculus Go.

Andreas Skoglund, CEO of Cortopia Studios: “With the success of Wands on the Oculus GO we always knew that the Mi VR was a platform we wanted to be on. And Xiaomi has demonstrated that they understand what is needed to push the VR technology forward and make it more available and enjoyable. We are very excited to keep bringing our games to the players together with Xiaomi.”

The Xiaomi Mi VR headset is almost identical in specification to the Oculus Go. The initial release of the Xiaomi headset proved to be extremely popular, with reports showing that 30,000 Mi VR headsets being sold on the first day, selling out in some retailers.

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