Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses App Wins Health Award

Though Vuzix has primarily become a name associated with providing augmented reality (AR) smart glasses technology to businesses and industry, the company is also working for various applications in medicine and healthcare, such as seeCOLe or ‘see Clinical data on Lens’, which has just won an award at the Cerner Corporation Code App Challenge.

The Cerner Corporation Code App Challenge was held during the 2018 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City. Cerner Corporation is devoted towards health technology and innovation that assists medical personnel in making care decisions and managing health of populations.

Vuzix Blade medical

Cerner brings thousands of medical professionals together each year for its annual Cerner Health Conference, which this year hosted the Code app Challenge, which gave third-party developers the opportunity to create, develop and pitch innovative solutions that can help improve health outcomes.

The app produces, titled seeCOLe is an AR health app that allows clinicians to navigate and document information into an electronic record system using smart glasses. While using the app, the clinicians can use verbal commands to interact with the electronic record, which can show data from a patient’s chart and display it on the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Once the data is accessed, the seeCOLe application can be navigated using voice or touch features.

The app means that a clinician can access a patient record wirelessly and keep the hands free, thus also improving patient-doctor interaction, which can have a positive result on patient outcomes.

“The overall form factor, wearability and performance of the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses has drawn rave reviews from B2C customers, who see a tremendous opportunity to disrupt the existing market and build hands-free solutions around the Vuzix Blade platform,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer. “Innovative health applications like seeCOLe, delivered through a see-through display on the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, can not only help clinicians provide improved care, but also increase their interaction with patients.”

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