Vuzix Announces Release Date for Blade Smart Glasses

Vuzix has become well-known in the augmented reality (AR) industry for its work providing AR smart glasses to businesses. The company had previously announced it was working on its Blade line of smart glasses, which are lightweight glasses which resemble an ordinary pair of thick-framed glasses. Vuzix have now announced that it is ready to launch the Blade Edge smart glasses product.

Vuzix are expecting to start shipping the Vuzix Blade smart glasses to customers in November, 2018.

Vuzix Blade

Previously, Vuzix had launched the Blade Developers and Edge programs, which were designed for software developers to give them access to beta units. More recently the company launched the Developer Centre to let Vuzix partners access a set of resources for developing applications for the Vuzix Blade.

The first commercial release of the Vuzix blade will include the Blade Edge software development kit (SDK), which will allow enterprise customers to link the Vuzix Blade smart glasses to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, customers will get access to the Vuzix Blade companion app, email, messages, media player control and application notifications between Vuzix Blade and paired iOS or Android devices.

“Vuzix has been seeding developers and enterprise customers with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses over the last few months and the feedback we have received from our community of customers has been very encouraging,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Vuzix team of software engineers has put together an incredible Blade Edge commercial edition SDK for our customers to begin leveraging new functionality, porting over existing enterprise applications and opening up communication links directly between connected Android and iOS devices and the Vuzix Blade to deliver new hands-free content and productivity tools for consumer facing business applications. Vuzix continues to work diligently on the next Vuzix Blade General release for both consumers and business, which will include an expanded software suite and services as well as retail packaging and accessories. It is expected to be released in January 2019.”

Vuzix Blade 3000

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