VRS Conference Sees uSens Discuss Hand-Tracking in VR and AR

This year’s Virtual Reality Strategy Conference (VRS) will see Dr. Yue Fei, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at uSens deliver a keynote speech discussing 3D skeleton hand-tracking. Usens is a company that does extensive work in human-computer interaction solutions, including hand-tracking for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Dr. Fei’s keynote will be titled ‘Leveraging Naturalistic Interfaces in XR’ and will concentrate on the future of hand interaction in AR and VR. Dr. Fei has stated a belief that users need more intuitive ways to interact with virtual objects and environments.

The uSens 3D skeleton hand-tracking solution was launched in May of 2018, and has been taken up by some businesses, such as a partnership between a German autotmotive company to build a ‘virtual cockpit’ as a 3D prototyping platform. This project is expected to save $1million (USD) in prototyping costs.

The uSens hand-tracking system is also said to be utilised by an OEM firm involved in the manufacture of smart electronics products, with the uSens system as part of a smart device platform designed to educate and entertain children.

“The power and future of AR/VR lies in our ability to create the most natural and intuitive interactions. uSens is thrilled by the surge of demand from customers seeking to integrate our solutions on everything from sign language interpretation, enterprise remote assistance, gesture controls for robots/drones, AR stroke therapy programs and more,” said Anli He, uSens CEO and co-founder. “I believe our skeleton hand-tracking—the world’s first 3D, deep learning based, mobile skeletal hand-tracking solution—is on the way to empowering millions to ditch the touch screen to better interact with virtual objects.”

The VRS Conference will take place between 16th-17th October, 2018, at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, where uSens will be exhibiting its products. Further information can be found on the VRS website. For future coverage on uSens and other VR and AR projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.