VRHealth Secures CE Registration, Looks To Move Into EU Market

Over 30 facilities in the U.S. already use VRHealth.

For some considerable time now on VRFocus we’ve covered developments in immersive technology that affect the healthcare or ‘MedTech’ industry. These developments have been highly varied and wide-ranging in their scope, affecting education and training, diagnosis, surgery, recovery and rehabilitation as well as other forms of treatment.

Last month we brought you news about healthcare related virtual reality (VR) firm VRHealth. VRHealth looks to provide non-invasive medical tools which use the likes of cloud computing power and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to provide valuable data. The company has already brought this technology to a number of facilities in the United States. Now it’s looking to expand this into the European Union, confirming their first steps into the region today through achieving CE registration.

“From pain management, rehabilitation exercises, to helping children with ADHD focus, VRHealth uses Oculus Go and Rift in combination with their software to provide VR technology solutions for a variety of health challenges.” The company said in a statement. “The VR apps available are designed to address pain management for both chronic and acute pain and measure and improve overall health including cognitive games to train memory, measure reaction time and attentiveness, challenge users’ body and mind, and neck exercises. VRHealth’s software provides a fully immersive experience that engages patients in the therapeutic process.”

“For the first time, medical facilities in the EU will be able to provide virtual reality medical solutions for their patients,” Adds CEO of the company Eran Orr. “VRHealth provides a forward-thinking approach to healthcare that combines the sophistication of technology and the expertise of the medical arena to both distract patients from pain and engage them in the recovery process.”

Orr’s initial statement is not strictly accurate owing to a number of XR projects already engaging with medical facilities around Europe. However, the introduction of a more ‘complete’ suite of treatments will always be welcome, especially if patients reap the benefits. You can find more about VRHealth at their website, https://www.xr.health/, VRFocus will bring you more news about the developments in VR healthcare as we hear about them.

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