VR Horror Paper Dolls Out Now On PlayStation VR

Winking Entertainment have become a fairly prolific as a publisher of virtual reality (VR) videogames and experiences, having released titles such as Don’t Knock Twice, Fated: The Silent Oath and Unearthing Mars among others. To celebrate Halloween, the company are releasing a VR horror thriller called Paper Dolls on the PlayStation VR.

Paper Dolls is a puzzle-based horror title that contains various nods towards Oriental mythology in its setting and story, along with new technology that Winking Entertainment says will minimise any simulation sickness symptoms.

The story of Paper Dolls begins with a father speaking to his daughter, after the conversation ends, the player is taken to an ancient and abandoned temple. From there, players need to find the daughter, who has gone missing.

In order to create the most immersive environment possible, a new movement system has been developed for Paper Dolls, which contains technology to minimise simulation sickness symptoms and lets players better engage with the story. The developers at LITCHIGAME say this new system may take some getting used to, but it will ultimately provide a better experience for players.

The developer for Paper Dolls, LITCHIGAME stated that they want the title to be a deeper experience than just reacting to jump-scares, “We want our players to be truly startled by the experience of the gameplay, not by unexpected jump-scares. For a horror game, this is our highest goal.”

The puzzle elements are said to tie-in to different aspects of Chinese culture. By interacting with each bit of the puzzle players can learn about the history and traditions that have inspired the title.

Paper Dolls is planned to be released on the US PlayStation Store on 30th October, with a European release to follow on 31st October. The teaser trailer is also available to view below.

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