VR Haunted House Brings The Scares To The UK

Since its getting close to Halloween, many people are looking for spooky events to attend, ranging from awesome costume parties to horror movie marathons or a trip to an interactive haunted house. The latter experience is getting a makeover with the aid of modern immersive technology at one attraction in London.

Between 18th October until 30th November, UK residents can visit the Hyper-Reality Haunted House for a choice of spooky virtual reality (VR) experiences, with themes ranging from Japanese mythology to the zombie apocalypse.

The company describes it as one of the first VR haunted house experiences in the UK. The ‘Haunted World Experience’ lasts for up to 40 minutes, including an orientation period. Visitors can pick from wither ‘Japanese Adventures or ‘Ashes to Horror’ when they book, and then choose from one of two scenarios when they arrive.

Hyper-Reality says it was ‘Founded on the vision to curate and create experiences through technology from all over the world to awe, shock and inspire.’

The VR experiences are designed for between 1-4 players, and all visitors must be 12 years old or above. Each experience has been given a ‘scare rating’ on the website, so visitors can choose the experience that is right for them. The company recommends that for younger visitors or those new to VR might wish to begin with Japanese Adventures, which is listed as the least intense of the experiences on offer.

In addition to the pre-booked VR haunted house experiences, there are other walk-in sessions, which use and arcade-style of play, compared to the full-size free-roam of the bigger haunted house. These includes things such as VR Motion chair games, and a Zombie survival game. Each of these is charged per session, and is based on availability.

The Haunted World Experiences are available between 5pm-11pm and need to be pre-booked through the Hyper-Reality website.

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