VR Game Show VR Trivia Battle Out Now on Viveport

Game shows have been popular since before the invention of television, but exploded in popularity after TV came onto the scene, with a wide variety of formats and types and even entire networks devoted purely to showing game shows. Now virtual reality (VR) users can experience what it is like to be on a TV game show with VR Trivia Battle.

VR Trivia Battle brings the game show experience into VR. Developer RLTY CHK say the title features over 10,000 trivia questions, along with dozens of available avatars and three game modes to try.

Players take part in three rounds of trivia, as well as three mini-games. Players can also engage in nefarious tactics to try and get the win, including throwing pies or smacking other avatars with a mallet.

In single player modes, players compete against an AI opponent known as the ‘Quiz Queen’. Classic mode is a two-player mode where two players compete in a trivia contest, hosted by Host Bot Harry. Trivia Royale lets between three and eight players compete against one another, with the last player standing being declared the winner. Finally, there is Host mode, where players can try out to be a game show host and run their own show.

“Game shows have been an effective way to bring audiences to new technologies, from television to mobile,” said RLTY CHK CEO Nicholas Robinson. “With VR Trivia Battle, we set out to do the same for virtual reality and create a compelling experience for a mainstream audience.”

VR Trivia Battle will be available exclusively on Viveport until 23rd October, 2018. During this exclusivity period Viveport will be hosting exclusive tournaments that will let players win real prizes.

“We can’t wait for Viveport subscribers to play VR Trivia Battle with their friends and family,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport. “This highly social experience, coupled with the hit game show genre, is sure to be a winning formula for Viveport’s customers.”

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