VR Escape Room Neverout Debuts On PlayStation VR

Polish development studio Gamedust has announced that its atmospheric puzzle title Neverout will be making its move to the PlayStation 4, with the announcement that the title will be launched on the console with PlayStation VR compatibility.

Previously Neverout was available on the Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices, and challenges players to solve complex environmental-based puzzles in order to find a way out of a dark and oppressive facility.


The player starts by awaking in a claustrophobic cube-like room and needs to find a way out, but it quickly transpires that this is only the beginning, and over 60 increasingly challenging levels lay ahead before the overall puzzle is solves.

The developers have tried to ensure that each level becomes more challenging, as the means of escape become more complex and increasingly deadly obstacles are thrown in the player’s way, such as high-voltage electricity or spiked traps.

To avoid the deadly obstacles, players can use short-range teleport, small moving cubes, or even the ability to shift gravity to a different plane, making any unsecured items fall, though this can put the player in danger of being crushed.

Neverout is said to have been created with VR in mind, and though the title can be played without a VR headset, the developers say VR is the best way of experiencing the title.

The title was previously released on Samsung Gear VR, as well with Oculus Rift and HTCVive. The Samsung Gear VR version got high marks when it was reviewed by VRFocus, saying: “Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of Neverout, though, is how it forces you to revaluate your plans as you act them out, even if you have them right the first time. That is to say that you can work out exactly what you’re meant to do before twisting the room around, but the moment you do that you’ll have to gather your bearings once more and think through the next step carefully. In this way, it requires concentration throughout and is sure to satisfy those that love to get lost in puzzles.”

Neverout will launch on PlayStation VR on 23rd October, 2018, at a price of €7.99 (EUR).

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