Virtual Cat Konrad the Kitten Gets Into the Halloween Spirit

Virtual pet Konrad the Kitten came to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality earlier this year, bringing a dose of cuteness to virtual reality (VR). Now the kitten is up for a dose of spooky fun in the latest update to come from developer FusionPlay.

Update 1.4 is titled ‘Get Spooky’ and adds a Halloween event to the title, giving a spooky feel with some theming, including new music, lighting and decoration. Cats have long been associated with Halloween, from the old superstition about black cats to the association of cats with witches, so it is all in-keeping.

As well as the typical Halloween jack-o’-lanterns, players will also be able to find a spooky cemetery, where bats flit through the skies. During the event players have the chance to pick up a witches hat, which can adorn the top of Konrad’s head. A broom has also appeared in the entrance area. This acts as a new interactive object and lets the kitten fly around the scene.

Konrad the Kitten has an unusual approach to interactivity and immersion, players can use ‘plushie mode’ which allows them to feel Konrad by attaching a controller to a fluffy toy, which acts as the ‘prop’ Konrad in the real world.

The experience for Konrad the Kitten is all about looking after Konrad as if he were a real pet, including feeding him, teaching him how to use a litter tray and, of course, petting and playing with him.

There are a variety of mini-games available, such as hunting mice, fishing or trying to get Konrad to beat his time through to obstacle course. The new Halloween event is re-occurring and it set to happen each year in the last two weeks of October.

Further information is available on the official Konrad the Kitten website. For future coverage on Konrad the Kitten, keep checking back with VRFocus.