Unleash Powerful Magic In VR Online Multiplayer Title Draoi, Now In Early Access

Sometimes you need to escape the real-world and jump into a virtual battleground where you can cast spells with your bare hands. Thanks to the virtual reality (VR) title Draoi, players can do just this in the harsh land of An Domhan. With magic as your only defense against monster, demons, beasts and occasionally even your neighbor, Draoi is a online multiplayer title where you must fight to stay alive and become the best.


Starting out in a small cottage, players will need to master their spells in order to be able to defend themselves. You’ll then visit the town of Baile An Dagda to meet other magic users to learn new spells and venture through the dangerous realm, you’ll see find yourself face-to-face with powerful enemies.

Thanks to the motion controllers, casting spells feel nature as you summon powerful magic from thin air with only your bare hands. Rain down destruction on your enemies with elemental force, heal your allies and protect what is yours. Of course, when the time calls for it there is nothing wrong with flying up in the air and unleashing a firestorm to clear the battlefield. 


Currently in Early Access, the title is planned to stay there for around three months time to allow the team at Avenal Investments Ltd to get valuable feedback on the title. This includes the feel of the title, the control system, range and power of spells and most of all if players find the title to be fun.

When the full version is released players will be able to move between more environments, battlegrounds and locations to further the game world and offer more to explore. New spells, items and regular updates are also planned for the full release and beyond this to keep the world of An Domhan alive and rich in playable content.

Draoi is available now on Steam Early Access for £15.49 (GBP) with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. The price will increase when the title releases out of Early Access, so bare that in mind if you are interested in the title. For future updates on the title, make sure to keep reading VRFocus to stay up to date.