Turn Any Toy Blaster Into A Laser Tag Weapon (And Play AR Games Too) With TagRIDER

We pretty much ended last night with news of a toy – albeit a very fancy one – that utilised augmented reality (AR) technology in order to make things more immersive and offer new gameplay modes. We begin today with something that’s pretty much in the same ballpark.

But instead of a Bristol-based robotics company, we’ve got instead a Singapore-based creator of a laser shooter.

Tag Team - LogoThe company in question is TAG TEAM who make laser tag related equipment for both home and rental use. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for TagRIDER, a new scope-like add-on for any toy or dart blaster that turns it into a laser tag weapon.  It even uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) in order to learn how what you’ve attached it to reloads, which is a pretty nifty feature- and as much as we like a bit of laser tag if it was just that you wouldn’t be reading about it here.  However, through TagRIDER the company is also including the ability to play two AR videogames.

Tag Treasure

In addition to shooting with your TAGRider, you can tap on the screen for a variety of actions. The app even detects your hand behind the phone for grabbing and blocking movements. A multiplayer gaming mode is also available where players compete against each other for resources.

Tag Space War

Pilot a spaceship using your iPad or iPhone’s accelerometer and face off against a huge TAGRider or TAGSaber in augmented reality!

Tag Space War

“Whether playing laser tag outside in the ‘real world’ or battling enemies on your computer screen, TAGRider delivers a unique gaming experience by adding functionality to blasters and toy guns you already have.” Says TAG TEAM’s Founder, Tony Tan. “TAGRider delivers a wide range of play options and games, while challenging players of all skill levels to take their best shot!”

TAG TEAM hope to achieve a funding goal of $15,000 (USD), and at the time of writing are well on their way to making it.  You can find out more about the product on the Kickstarter page.