The Persistence To Get A Free Update Next Week Adding Four New Game Modes

Developer Firesprite Games have revealed that their virtual reality (VR) title The Persistence will be getting a free update next week that will see a number of improvements and new features come to the title. These will address some of the feedback the team have gotten from players since launch, along with performance improvements, accessibility features and plenty more. All of it will also be releasing for free, which is even better.

The Persistence

To start, the update will bring four new game modes to the title that will expand on the campaign and survival mode that are already present. These four new modes will mix up the gameplay in interesting new ways such as the Glass Cannon mode, which sees the player needing to navigate 24 increasingly difficult rooms to reach an escape pod. They select a weapon at the start of each attempt which comes with infinite ammo. The catch is that the player only has one hit point and there are no health pickups to be found throughout the rooms. Every room holds a number of mutants that will attack as well and the whole mode is a race against the clock.

First Blood presents a stealth based challenge where the player must navigate through a large level with only a knife to fight off the enemies. The Campaign+ mode will see players start the campaign anew with all their gear and upgrades from their previous playthrough. This will be needed as enemies will be harder to beat and the player does not have their SuperSense ability and a Bloodhound pursues the player from the start. Finally, the new Permadeath mode challenges players to complete The Persistence with only one life.

The Persistence

Along with these new modes players will be able to enjoy a number of accessibility features which provide them with options to tailor the experience to fit their needs. This includes adjusting the game speed, damage, turning on infinite teleports and ammo, tagging enemies through walls and even an auto shield option. For those with hearing impairment the team are adding new on screen prompts to provide players with vital information to make the experience more enjoyable.

To celebrate the launch of the new update, which releases on October 18th, 2018 the team at Firesprite Games also revealed that The persistence will be going on sale during the Halloween period. This will see a 25% discount on the title with PlayStation Plus members getting an additional 10% off as well. Stay tuned for news one when the sale starts.

VRFocus’ Staff Writer Rebecca Hills-Duty reviewed The Persistence praising many elements of the title and saying: “Overall, The Persistence is a great sci-fi horror experience that cleverly uses VR to slowly ratchet up the tension and fear. While never entirely terrifying, it does still work well as horror, with just enough randomisation to keep you coming back for more.”

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