Tear it up Later This Week When Triangular Pixels Release Smash Hit Plunder

You can pre-order the title from Amazon and GAME.

British indie developer Triangular Pixels has been working on its PlayStation VR title Smash Hit Plunder since 2014. After four years of work the team are this week nearing the end, with a launch date planned for this Friday, 5th October 2018.

Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder is a light-hearted physics-based tear-it-up experience inside a haunted medieval castle. As the studio explains it: You play as a mage – you think you’ve just inherited the castle of your dreams from your family, but actually it’s been magically locked up by a ghostly debt collector. Now it’s down to you to find enough hidden treasure in the castle to pay off the debt…”

Featuring sprawling dungeons filled with treasures to find, players will be able to fight ghosts, munch on food, start the odd fire or two and generally cause a bit of chaos. Smash Hit Plunder includes a full narrative, five game modes and progression unlocks.

This isn’t purely a single-player experience either. Thanks to PlayStation VR’s social screen feature a friend can join in the adventure during ‘Treasure Rush’, ‘Scavenger Hunt’ or ‘Free Play’. For even more multiplayer fun up to four players can go head-to-head in hide-and-seek ‘Poltergeist Panic’ or fight for possession in ‘Jewel Duel’.

Smash Hit Plunder

Being the Cornish-based studio that they are, Triangular Pixels has even included support for Kernewek, the Cornish language. Katie Goode, Creative Director of Triangular Pixels said: “Being based in Cornwall, we saw that it was important to support local culture. Cornwall is a magical place and was of great inspiration while making the game – and some of our levels may be recognisable to the its residents. We wanted to do our part in keeping the local language alive and allowing our neighbours read in their own language.”

Smash Hit Plunder will be available both digitally via PlayStation Store and physically in stores thanks to Perp Games. You can pre-order the title from Amazon and GAME for £24.99 GBP. For any further updates from Triangular Pixels keep reading VRFocus, and of course keep an eye out for our review.

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