TeamViewer Announces New Augmented Reality Capabilities

TeamViewer has become almost ubiquitous among remote support teams for connecting to another PC and guiding users through a process, or finding a particular fault. The company has now announced a new version of its software which introduced augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

TeamViewer 14 Preview introduces a number of feature updates, performance improvements and bug fixes, and with TeamViewer Pilot, users of the software will now be able to take advantage of AR features as well.

TeamViewer 14 gives users access to the new AR solution, TeamViewer Pilot, which offers AR experiences for those who needs support for any kind of equipment, machinery, or infrastructure. The use of AR means that remote experts can see via remote cameras and guide users through complex procedures by using AR annotations.

Remote support agents can use AR to highlight objects and components in the real world to guide co-workers, customers or even friends and family through troubleshooting or product set-up in an easy, step-by-step way.

“Many new features and performance improvements above and under the hood of TeamViewer 14 underscore our role as global industry frontrunner,” says Oliver Steil, Chief Executive Officer at TeamViewer. “The new version offers a compelling combination of breakthrough AR, accelerated performance and boosted productivity. With TeamViewer Pilot, we expand beyond IT support to provide remote assistance for work and training in any use case scenario and industry.”

TeamViewer Pilot is available as a standalone product. AS part of an extended trial period, all existing and new subscribers to TeamViewers are invited to see how TeamViewer pilot works, with further information available on the TeamViewer website.

The company says it has taken into account user feedback when creating TeamViewer 14, and a number of performance updates are included in the software, such as adaptive compression that tracks the connection speed as well as improved hardware acceleration.

TeamViewer 14 Final is planned for release on 13th November, 2018. For future coverage on AR content, keep checking back with VRFocus.