STYLY Releases VR Editor

STYLY has been around for some time, helping users to create and distribute content for virtual reality (VR) using a cloud and browser-based service. Now STYLY has expanded its functions with a new VR editor.

The VR Editor function is now a standard feature of STYLY, which lets the users edit a space from various viewing points, including first-person or a bird’s-eye view.

The new function lets users scale down the space, as if positioned at a bird’s-eye view, enabling users to view and edit the space, performing functions such as moving, scaling, copying and deleting assets, all from within the VR space.

The purpose of the tool is to solve the problems inherent with VR-space design, such as the problem of perspective or errors in size and scaling when trying to edit or create a VR space from a 2D view.

In order to use the STYLY VR Editor, users need to first open the STYLY WebEditor, for this you will need to register for a STYLY Account. Users then need to import the required asset to a new or existing VR space.

After this import is complete, users need to download and launch the STYLY Steam application. Then open ‘My Scenes’ and click on the pencil icon in the corner of the thumbnail of the target space. Alternatively, it is possible to open the menu in vR space and click the ‘Edit in VR’ button.

The STYLY VR Creative platform is available for Free on Steam, and is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices. The STYLY VR Editor lets users move, copy, delete and scale objects as well as move and scale VR spaces.

Further information on STYLY and its VR Editor can be found on the STYLY website. For future coverage of STYLY and other VR platforms, keep checking back with VRFocus.