Solve A Spooky VR Puzzle In Halloween Maze VR

The entire month of October has been embraced by much of western internet culture as ‘spooky season’, a celebration of the run-up to Halloween. As the leaves turn orange and pumpkins start appearing on porches and in windows, many customers are looking for some suitably spooky immersive experiences. Developer MyPad3D hopes to cater to this market with Halloween Maze VR.

Virtual reality (VR) has been shown to work particularly well in horror, providing a sense of presence and immersion that helps heighten the experience. Similarly, escape rooms and puzzle titles tend to be popular and successful in VR. Halloween Maze VR attempts to combine these elements.

Halloween Maze VR challenges players to solve a maze, using a movement and selection method that used accelerometer and the gyroscope present in smartphone devices such as an iPhone or iPad. This means users can walk around in the real world and virtual world.

The main objective in Halloween Maze VR is to reach the Tower, which will take an application of logic and memory in order to discover the correct route. If players lose track of the Tower, then a quick jump to peer over the walls of the maze to re-orient themselves.

Players can challenge themselves to finish the maze in the fastest time – with the quickest players getting a spot on the leader board. There are also various hidden easter eggs waiting to be discovered.

The experience works both with or without a VR headset, but the developers recommend that fr the best experience a VR headset should be used. The developers say it is designed for Google Cardboard, but should work with most smartphone-based VR headsets.

The development team are actively seeking feedback from players. Halloween Maze VR is available on the Apple App Store, priced at $0.99 (USD).

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