Score A Strike With Premium Bowling On Early Access

It was noted with the launch of the Nintendo Wii that bowling titles tend to work fairly well when combined with motion controllers. The advantage of virtual reality (VR) is that in addition to allowing users to play using tracked motion controllers users can also enjoy bowling in a re-creation of a bowling alley for a more immersive experience, as is the case with Premium Bowling.

Sadetta, the developer behind Premium Bowling, said the development team put the focus on creating a realistic and easy-to-play bowling simulator featuring accurate physics.

The title has been released on Steam Early Access, and this version contains both local and online multiplayer support as well as support for VR. Players will be able to play a game of ten-pin bowling while keeping track of both game high scores and series high scores.

Premium Bowling has a variety of bowling balls, which each have a different weight, hook, length and oil carry. There are many oil patterns available that will affect ball hook and reaction and wear out during game play, a realistic point that might be of interest to high-level players and professionals.

The development team have chosen to release the title into Early Access, with the intention of gathering player feedback in order to polish Premium Bowling based on player feedback. The team say the plan is to keep the title in Early Access for approximately two months.

More content will be added to Premium Bowling over its time in Early Access, such as more oil patterns and bowling ball types, other additions and improvements will be added based on player response. The developers have opened both a Discord server and a sub-Reddit for player feedback.

Premium Bowling is available now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £18.49 (GBP). Further information can be found on the Steam Store page. For future coverage of new and upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.