Rovio Entertainment Is Planning A New AR App Called Project Magic

Rovio Entertainment is working with AR company Zappar to create a new AR app for branded content.

The company behind the phenomenally popular Angry Birds franchise has now announced it is working on developing a state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) app, referred to as ‘Project Magic’ which is planned to provide rich AR experiences for brands, retailers and consumers.

The new app from Rovio Entertainment will transport consumers to a new world which lets them engage with branded content experiences, providing a link between digital and physical licensed products. The app is planned to be released in 2019.

Angry Birds Header

Project Magic will let fans of Angry Birds use an AR portal to travel to the home of the Angry Birds, called ‘Bird Island’. There, users will be able to explore the island and take part in various AR experiences and enjoy high-quality AR locations.

Simo Hämäläinen, Senior Vice President, Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment, commented: “Project Magic represents a major licensing milestone for Rovio’s Brand Licensing Unit as our vision of being able to add digital overlay to licensed products is now reality. We’ve been working diligently alongside our long-time AR partner Zappar to create a cool, always on digital brand licensing ecosystem that not only adds value to consumers, but also helps to bridge the physical and digital worlds of Angry Birds. Licensing partners will have an incredible opportunity to create exceptional branded content experiences across our physical and digital touch points, and our consumers will be able to immerse themselves even further in the wonderful world of the Angry Birds.”

Rovio is developing Project Magic alongside AR specialists Zappar, in order to build on previous work in the AR field conducted by both Rovia and Zappar.

Max Dawes, Partnerships & Marketing Director, at Zappar, commented: “Over the past seven years working in the augmented reality space we’ve learnt a lot about how companies can create value with AR. We’re beyond excited to be able to leverage those learnings on such a huge scale with the fantastic team at Rovio. A brand’s largest owned media channels are their products, their packaging and their stores: through the addition of interactive Angry Birds content these channels can surprise, delight and entertain consumers like never before. In addition, Rovio’s partners will see hard data on when and how consumers are interacting. We can’t wait to unleash the magic!”

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