Roddenberry Entertainment, Light Field Lab and OTOY Aim To Create A Holodeck

The name Roddenberry is inextricably tied to the Star Trek franchise, since Gene Roddenberry is universally credited as its creator, and now Roddenberry Entertainment CEO Rod Roddenberry and the executive producer of Star Trek: Discovery is continuing this legacy by working with OTOY and Light Field Lab in order to bring Star Trek’s Holodeck technology to the real world.

The aim of the partnership is to use Light Field Lab’s head-gear-free holographic displays along with OTOY’s ORBX Technology, with Roddenberry Entertainment providing content for an end-to-end holographic ecosystem.


Light Field Lab intends to scale its current prototypes to form larger holographic video walls to allow for fully immersive holographic experiences. OTOY has an open source and royalty-free format for rendering media and real-time graphics for the holographic display.

“OTOY has created the capture, rendering and streaming technology for the industry to transition to holographic content development, as well as the RNDR blockchain for IP rights and distribution,” said Ariel Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor. “We’re excited to use this platform to bring true holographic content to Light Field Lab’s displays, which will give consumers unbelievable experiences, without the burden of 3D glasses or VR headsets.”

“I see a lot of display technology marketed as 3D holograms,” said Richard Kerris, former CTO of Lucasfilm and Advisor to OTOY. “However, most of the things I see are actually just gimmicks. The holographic displays being developed by Light Field Lab, with OTOY’s 3D content, truly does have the potential to be the game changer we’ve been waiting for. The combination of breakthroughs in both rendering and display technologies could very well mark the beginning of a next-gen media revolution.” Kerris continued, “Your eyes freely focus on holographic objects without the need to wear glasses to see the 3D. The experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced and gives me hope on seeing their vision of the holodeck eventually come true.”

The holographic technology is planned to be exhibited at a range of projects, events and campaigns. For future coverage of immersive holographic technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.