RemoteSpark Offers Mixed Reality Remote Worker Platform

Despite Microsoft’s HoloLens still technically only being available as a developers version, a number of industries and sectors are exploring the use of the mixed reality (MR) device to improve safety and efficiency. Now Kognitiv Spark is offering an industrial worker support tool as a free demo for the HoloLens.

The communications platform, called RemoteSpark uses MR technology along with interactive 3D to provide productivity for industrial clients. The benefits can be ascertained by using the free trial available from the Microsoft app store.

The platform was designed specifically for the Microsoft HoloLens and lets workers undertake maintenance and repairs using 3D content and interactive holograms which can provide step-by-step instructions and additional information.

The RemoteSpark platform can also be used to contact remote experts who will be able to use the HoloLens cameras, which lets the on-site and remote workers collaborate to resolve problems or perform necessary inspections.

“This is a product with a strong market need that exists today. We have something that none of our competitors have been able to replicate, especially with our level of stability,” says Kognitiv Spark’s CEO Yan Simard. “Clients often report that using the product for a single event can create savings that cover the annual licensing fee. A reliable, handsfree, secure platform that can withstand challenging environments is critical for the work that our clients do, and we designed it with this in mind.”

RemoteSpark has been created with applications for industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defence along with the oil and gas sectors. The company plans for the next phase of development for the platform will introduce an AT component, so objects can be recognised by the platform and relevant content delivered to the worker.

“We’ve been using RemoteSpark to deliver holographic visualizations that help explain, sell, and visualize complex industrial projects to our customers,” says David Irving, General Manager at Irving Equipment Limited. “It’s transformed the way we navigate these large-scale projects and the detailed 3D visualizations give our clients the confidence they need to move forward. We’re really excited about what this technology means for our next phase of research and development.”

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