Rec Room Hits New Milestones As Title Continues To Grow

The popular virtual reality (VR) social gathering title Rec Room has announced that it has passed another milestone. The title, which allows users to come together within virtual spaces and hangout or play games together, is seeing a steady grow in users following numerous updates. The news came from the titles official Twitter account which revealed that the number of player rooms created and the number of visits has reach new heights.

According to the Tweet, 200,000 player created rooms are now within Rec Room and these have been visited more than 50 million times. These are some very impressive numbers for the title which, at the time of writing has an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ review status on Steam from over 3,000 users. Thanks to allowing users to create their own rooms and build their own stories, Rec Room offers a safe and fun place for anyone to be creative within VR.

Back in May of this year it was also announced that the title would be getting it’s own battle royale game mode called ‘Rec Royale‘ which was later updated to support squads. One of the main positive elements of the title is also that players don’t need a VR headset in order to play, and it is fully cross-platform supported with the PlayStation 4 too. No matter what platform you’re friends are on you can all come together to have some fun in virtual space.

Rec Room screenshot 1

As part of the celebration of hitting these new milestones the Rec Room YouTube channel has been uploading a series of videos to help users learn new ways of creating rooms. This covers the basis of building a room, understanding the settings and a number of more advanced functions which are being covered in future videos. Users can also find community spotlight videos here which share some of the best rooms created with the world.

Rec Room is available now on Steam Early Access and is free to play on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can see the most recent trailer for Rec Room below and for all the latest on the title in the further, keep reading VRFocus.