Puzzle Title Tin Hearts Launch Date Revealed by ex-Lionhead Developers

Having spent many a year learning their craft at renown developer Lionhead Studios, the team at Rogue Sun are almost ready to launch their first virtual reality (VR) title for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, a charming puzzle experience called Tin Hearts. 

Tin Hearts image2

Rogue Sun has been working on Tin Hearts for a number of years, with VRFocus first coming across the title when it was chosen to be part of Develop:VR’s Indie Zone for its 2016 event.

Mixing puzzle mechanics with a heartfelt story, Tin Hearts requires you to guide squads of little tin soldiers through a magical toy filled world. You’ll be able to uncover the backstory by looking for clues located around the detailed environment, whilst at the same time mastering this colourful and mysterious world, manipulating toy blocks and drums for example to create paths for those little soldiers.

The videogame will launch in Early Access to begin with, via Steam and Oculus Store. There will be a total for three acts in Tin Hearts, with the first act offering around three hours of gameplay for the Early Access launch. Rogue Sun expects Tin Hearts to be in Early Access development for around nine to twelve months, to help complete the other two acts. Act 2 and 3 will launch at the end of Early Access, each offering the equivalent gameplay of the first installment, just with new environments and features.

Tin Hearts image1

The team will also use Early Access to fine tune the first act depending on feedback from players. Once completed, Tin Hearts should provide a rather ample nine odd hours of puzzle-filled gameplay.

Check out the Tin Hearts announcement trailer below, showcasing some beautiful visual and gameplay designs. Rogue Sun hasn’t revealed how much Tin Hearts will retail for, but there’s not long to wait with a release date scheduled for 8th November 2018. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.