Pokémon Go Gets Big Rebalance

Experienced players of Pokémon Go have learned over time that when capturing a Gym, there are certain Pokémon that are ideally suited to defending the Gym and making sure it remains under your control. However, with sweeping changes that developer Niantic Labs are about to introduce that is all about to change.

The changes were designed to rebalancing the title and ending the dominance that certain Pokémon have when it comes to defending Gyms. Though the changes did have to be rolled back after a critical bug was found, the changes were in place long enough for players to get an idea what was in store.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon fan site Silph Road spent some time an analysing the changes and identifying which Pokémon were the recipients of the biggest changes. Blissey and Chancey have seen some of the most significant changes, lessening their CP or Combat Power, and therefore the effectiveness of their ability to hold Gyms. Also affected are Snorlax and Slaking, along with Vaporeon and Aggron.

Rhydon has also seen a nerf, but some users are speculating that this is to reduce any ‘power creep’ with Generation 4 Pokémon on the horizon, which will see Rhydon final evolution Rhyperior join the roster.

On the other side, several Pokémon have been buffed, including popular characters Tyranitar, Dragonite, Gyrados, Gardevoir and Machamp, making them more useful to players. The changes also mean that players won’t need to spend as much time grinding to beat the so-called ‘Gym king’ Pokémon.

Despite these changes, fans have noted that Blissey is still the best choice for depending a Gym, just slightly less unbeatable that previously. The new balancing efforts are generally considered to be part of the preparation for the launch of Generation 4, also known as Sinnoh Pokémon, which were first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

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