Point & Place AR Shopping Platform Adds Face Tracking

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for retailers to aid in sales. AR technology allows customers to virtually try out a product before purchase, so see if it fits in their room, or on their body. Digital commerce company EyeKandy has announced that it hopes to make AR retail technology more accurate with the addition of ‘AR Wearables’ to the Point & Place AR platform.

The AR Wearables function utilises facial tracking technology in order to adjust a selected product, such as glasses or headphones to fit the specific head size of the person viewing the product, letting customers try on wearable products.

Point & Place

“This is not a one size fits all feature roll-out. This is state of the art, cutting edge technology, deployed for the first time in mainstream retail. The Wearables technology allows the forward facing camera on the shopper’s phone to see the specific dimensions of their face and then place, for example, a pair of headphones onto their head. It will dynamically adjust based on each person’s specific head size; it’s not just a static, one size model,” commented Joe Golden Creative Director of EyeKandy.

The company is planning on rolling out the upgrade to all retailers connected to the Point & Place platform for no extra cost.

“We are seeing shoppers want to share the AR experiences with friends and family to get feedback as part of the purchasing process,” Golden continued, “so we made it easy for them to place products on their head, take a picture and send it to friends to get feedback. It’s engaging, its fast, it’s impactful, and it reduces the ‘Imagination Gap’ for the shopper.”

Dave Seedorf, Digital Marketing Manager EMEA at Harmon International added; “We were delighted to be invited to support this initiative as the launch partner, as we love to innovate our Digital Marketing activities continuously. We are convinced that the technology, deployed in this way, will be a fun, educational and personal experience for the shopper. That can only be a good thing.”


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