Pixel Ripped 1989 Heads Towards European PlayStation VR Launch

Deriving from a nostalgia-fuelled student project from developer Ana Ribeiro and being promoted to a fully-fleged virtual reality (VR) title by Brazillian developers ARVORE is Pixel Ripped 1989. The title has seen commercial success and critical acclaim during its release for HTC vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed reality as well as getting a North American release for PlayStation VR. Now European fans will get the chance to enjoy the nostalgia as Pixel Ripped 1989 heads to the European PlayStation Store.

Pixel Ripped 1989 is set to release in Europe, New Zealand and Australia on 16th October, complete with a 20% launch discount.

Pixel Ripped 1989 new screenshot17

In addition, on the same day as its European release, Pixel Ripped 1989 will join the shortlisted nominees for the Game of the Year Award at the VR Awards 2018. The title was also one of the VR titles chosen to be showcased at INDIECADE 2018 in Santa Monica, which is due to be held on 12th-13th October.

With the European PlayStation VR release, the developers have decided to launch an exclusive competition for the European region. Whoever shares a gameplay video of themselves carrying the most pixels at the end of Level 1 will have their picture features on the cover of Gamerpow Magazine – the in-game magazine featured in Pixel Ripped 1989.

Pixel Ripped 1989 puts the player in the role of Nicola, a videogame-obsessive who needs to use her ‘Gear Kid’ handheld console to try and beat the dreaded Cyblin Lord, a videogame villain who has someone managed to find a way to break out of the videogame into the real world.

The title got high marks when reviewed by the VRFocus team, saying: “Pixel Ripped 1989 is very much one of those quirky VR experiences some will love while others won’t see the point of it. VRFocus is very much in the former camp when it comes to this. Pixel Ripped 1989 offers a unique gameplay experience that’s hard to put down, combining the addictive elements of classic platformers with the immersive stylings of VR.”

Pixel Ripped 1989 new screenshot11

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