Onward Adds a Spooky Twist to its Free Weekend

Military first-person shooter (FPS) Onward has become quite the popular Early Access title since it launch in 2016 on Steam then 2017 for Oculus Store. The videogame was part of the recent VR League: Season 2 alongside Downpour Interactive’s fairly regular free weekends for players to demo the experience. This upcoming weekend is no different, apart from the fact that it’s Halloween next week so the studio has something creepy in store.


Onward’s free weekend begins tomorrow, Friday 26th October, 6pm BST and runs through until Monday 29th, 5am GMT on Oculus Store. The team has released a very brief trailer for the Halloween event, showcasing a dust bowl of a town where visibility is highly reduced.

Teasing a bit more info one of the development team took to Reddit to confirm that the new spooky gamemode would be complimented with new gear. No specifics were mentioned but it could see attachments for sidearms being employed.

If you’ve yet to try Onward then this weekend is the perfect time to try. Featuring 5v5 online battles where players have one life, no heads-up display, and no crosshairs, Onward also includes solo/co-op modes against AI opponents. To add to the realism Onward features dynamic time of day, weather effects, and multiple environments and scenarios to play through, as well as an artificial locomotion system to make the hectic gameplay as comfortable as possible.

Onward has over thirty different weapons to choose from, with a number of mods available in the game’s lobby, including red dot sights, flashlights, 12x scopes, and more to add a tactical advantage to each combat scenario. This will obviously be increased with the Halloween update.

Downpour Interactive has yet to confirm when Onward will be fully released. When it does VRFocus will let you know.