No DLC Included In Borderlands 2 VR At Launch

Gearbox Software confirm that on launch on the base game will be included in Borderlands 2 VR.

The announcement last month that Gearbox Software were bringing its hugely successful Borderlands franchise into virtual reality (VR) generated a great deal of excitement from the fanbase. Borderlands 2 VR is set to release before the end of 2018, but it seems only the bae game will be included in the launch.

The developer confirmed on Twitter that Borderlands 2 VR will not include the original title’s downloadable content (DLC) when it launches on the PlayStation VR. The official Borderlands Twitter confirmed that the VR version will be ‘the full core game’ with the ‘original four vault hunters’.

Borderlands VR - Screenshot

There were a total of 10 DLC packs added to Borderlands 2 after its launch, four of which added more story content, while two others added in two new playable characters. There is as of yet no word on if Gearbox are planning on releasing the DLC at a later date.

The base campaign includes roughly 30 hours of content, as well as sidequests and other missions which can absorb time. The VR version is single-player only, removing the four-player co-operative multiplayer present in the original release.

Curiously, while the title will support the PlayStation Move and Dual Shock 4, there is no planned support for the PlayStation Aim controller, which many fans have expressed disappointment about, considering how weapon-focussed much of Borderlands 2 is.

The developer has also said that there are no firm plans to bring any of the other Borderlands titles into VR, though added a cryptic ‘for now’ to the end of that statement, indicating this could change if Borderlands 2 VR does particularly well.

Borderlands VR - Screenshot

The VR version is planning to include some new and revised features, such as a re-worked skill tree, as a bullet-time feature referred to as ‘BAMF Time’ which has been specifically designed to complements the VR environment.

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