Nintendo Switch Gets A Headset – But It’s Not Quite VR

Its been reported before that buried in the depths of the code for the Nintendo Switch is a test mode for virtual reality (VR). Now a headset is indeed being released for the console by Canadian company exklim – but for those wanting to use true VR on the Nintendo Switch are in for a disappointment.

The device is called the NS Glasses and comes in a kit which exklim describe as ‘The World’s first headset for Switch’. This allows the portable form of the Switch to sit on a user’s head in a similar way to other VR headsets.

The device features a locking mechanism that helps keep the headset in place, while still leaving holes that allow the fans to work and lets the Joy-cons to stay attached for charging. There is also a three-point adjustable headband and a face pad designed for extra comfort.

However, rather than providing a true VR experience, the NS glasses use ‘colour-switching’ technology to separate specific shades, which gives the illusion of 3D visuals from inside the headset. The device is also said to ‘smooth the pixel count’ , which is an attempt to compensate for the Nintendo Switch’s 720p resolution.

Analysts and critics have praised the design, but have also questioned how comfortable it will be to use for any length of time, due to the weight of the console and its position on the face. In addition, since the NS Glasses are not an official Nintendo product, there will not be any official videogame releases that support its capabilities.

The product is not yet available for purchase, so there are as of yet no reports of how it performs. Pre-orders are planned to be made available soon, and the company are allowing customers to register their interest in the product for a discount. Further information can be found on the NS Glasses official website.

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