New VR Title ROGAN Revealed at PAX Australia

PAX, in its various incarnations, has become a big event for videogame fans, and now the PAX events are starting to see big reveals and announcements. At PAX Australia in Melbourne, developer Smilegate Entertainment have revealed a new virtual reality (VR) title called ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle.

The new title was being showcased at the HTC Vive Free Playzone booth. ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle is a stealth-based action adventure set in the medieval era.

Players take on the role of Rogan, who is a thief who is involved in various intrigues as Castle Blackstone. The development team say one of the main selling points is an involving storyline that was written by a professional novelist.

The medieval castle has been carefully detailed, allowing players to fully explore the environment, and 3D spatial sound has been applied to ensure a more immersive experience.

Players will be able to enjoy the title in various different ways, as players can choose to engage in open combat, or use various abilities such as pickpocketing, hiding or distracting guards with various tools. There are also various difficulty levels, and the development team says the full story can only be revealed by multiple playthroughs.

“When we revealed the title for the first time at PAX Australia this year, we received countless favorable comments from players at the site for the sense of immersion and thrilling stealth action gameplay that they have never experienced before in other VR games. We are planning to continue developing more new VR games that satisfy the needs of players and move forward in new markets and platforms,” said Dae Jin Kim, Director at Smilegate Entertainment.

ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle is being developed for multiple different VR platforms, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it is expected to be released in the first half of 2019. The official trailer is available to view below.

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